finishing concrete to look like aged stone

finishing concrete to look like aged stone

  • Tearing Down Interior Walls: Three Tips

    Being able to demolish one or more of the interior walls inside your home can help you start a renovation project in your home. If this is the first time you're attempting this kind of work, however, you'll need to take time and use these three following tips so you can make certain your house will survive the demolition and that you can avoid trouble. Order an Engineering Study While there are stud-finders and other tools you can utilize to check and make sure you're not going to cause the entire house to collapse by destroying the wrong wall, it is vital that you are absolutely certain that your house is stable enough to survive the demolition work you're hoping to do.

  • 3 Tips For Remodeling On A Budget

    Are you tired of living in an outdated home? Do you want to make your home look newer and more modern but you're working with a limited budget? Although living in a colonial or other older style home can be nice, it's less nice if the interior feels like it wouldn't be completely out of place if it were featured in a 70s sitcom. Fortunately, you don't have to live with this look forever.

  • Why a Concrete Driveway May Be Perfect for You

    When it comes to deciding what type of driveway you want to install, it is important to know that you have a few different options. On the low-budget end, you can have gravel or pavers installed. More commonly, you can put down concrete or asphalt. Each type of driveway is going to come with a few different pros and cons, but this article is going to cover the reasons why concrete is a good option for your driveway.

  • 2 Waterproofing Methods To Help Remedy Your Wet Basement

    When you begin to experience moisture in your home's basement with damp basement walls, pooling water on your floors, wet flooring, or a musty mold odor in your basement, you should correct the problem as soon as possible, as mold and mildew growth in your home has serious health effects. Here are two methods to help you correct the problem that is causing your wet basement. Install An Interior Drain System

  • Ways To Change The Look And Feel Of Concrete

    Once you have chosen concrete as your material for a driveway or other building project, this is only the first step. There are many different options for styling concrete, in addition to just having the concrete surface left as is. Here are some additional styling services to consider. Do You Want the Concrete to Be a Different Color? Concrete doesn't have to be the traditional gray that you might expect. It is possible for your concrete contractor to add a dye to the concrete mix so that your installation appears in a different color.

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    finishing concrete to look like aged stone

    Do you love the look of old stone walls and dream of one day having that look around your home? I was amazed at how my contractor transformed my boring block wall into a real work of art. The contractor used a combination of tools, stamps and stains to finish the concrete and create a spectacular looking stone wall. If this is something you want around your home, take a few minutes to browse through my blog. You will learn about the techniques, materials and styles that you have to choose from to finish just about any concrete surface around your home.