finishing concrete to look like aged stone

finishing concrete to look like aged stone

  • A Quick Guide To Filling In The Cracks, Fixing The Potholes, And Otherwise Protecting Your Asphalt Driveway

    If you're like many homeowners, your driveway is made at least partially from asphalt and you have used that area for parking one or more of your vehicles for many years. However, regardless of how sturdy and reliable your driveway is, eventually damage in the form of cracks will occur. Timely repairs then need to be provided or the damage can quickly turn into potholes, which will be more expensive to repair and could easily damage vehicles that attempt to drive over or through the area.

  • Got A Basement? Why You Should Waterproof It

    If your home has a basement, it could get flooded at any time, especially this time of year with the spring rains. Fortunately, you can prevent damage to your basement from water by waterproofing it. Below are some benefits of doing this, as well as the different types of waterproofing. Benefits of Waterproofing There are many benefits of waterproofing your basement including: Makes Your Home Stable If your foundation has any kind of cracks, water can easily seep through them and into your basement.

  • 2 Common Foundation Underpinning Tactics

    Concrete foundations frequently experience problems as the decades go by. Often linked to changes in the subsoil, such problems include tilting, sinking, and cracking. Underpinning refers to the practice of shoring up such vulnerable foundations to prevent structural damage. If you would like to learn more about the different types of underpinning strategies, read on. This article will discuss two of the most commonly implemented underpinning techniques. Box Underpinning Historically this is the oldest and most trusted underpinning technique.

  • Building a Solid Base for Your New Home

    Buying a piece of property and planning to put a new home on it is exciting. The preparation that needs to go into the process can take some time and may be a little overwhelming, but take your time and work through it slowly. Hiring a general contractor to organize the job can be very helpful. They can organize all the other required contractors for you, or you can hire concrete contractors, electricians, and all the other contractors, one at a time.

  • 3 Benefits of Using Ready Mix Concrete

    Concrete can be used to create so many amazing surfaces and structures. Because of this, there are several different kinds of concrete that are mixed and used each day. One kind of concrete that is both effective and efficient is ready mix concrete. Ready mix concrete is concrete whose necessary components have already been mixed together and all that needs to be added for it to turn into actual concrete is water.

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    finishing concrete to look like aged stone

    Do you love the look of old stone walls and dream of one day having that look around your home? I was amazed at how my contractor transformed my boring block wall into a real work of art. The contractor used a combination of tools, stamps and stains to finish the concrete and create a spectacular looking stone wall. If this is something you want around your home, take a few minutes to browse through my blog. You will learn about the techniques, materials and styles that you have to choose from to finish just about any concrete surface around your home.