finishing concrete to look like aged stone

finishing concrete to look like aged stone

Don't Have A Pickup? Need Stone? No Problem!

by Patrick Taylor

The best and easiest way for you to get stone and gravel is to pick it up yourself with your pickup truck. However, not everybody has a pickup truck. So, what is your next best option? The answer is delivery, of course! Here is what the various forms of stone delivery look like, depending on where you buy or get your gravel.

Measured, Bagged, and on a Freight Truck

If it makes things easier for you to calculate how much gravel you need, some retail chains measure the gravel, bag it, and deliver it on a freight truck. The freight truck can haul a few tons of bagged gravel, but each bag can be lifted off of the truck and deposited in the approximate location where you intend to dump it. If you want, you can also palletize several bags of gravel, and then the freight driver just drops the pallets on your front lawn for you to sort out and break open.

In a Dump Truck

Quarries often sell loose gravel by the ton. If you ask or pay them to deliver it, it will come to you in the dump bed of a dump truck. If you are just going to use the gravel for your driveway, this works out rather nicely because the truck can back into your driveway and drop the load at the head of your driveway. Then you can work the gravel down to the end of your driveway until there is a nice, new, even layer of gravel all the way down.

In Metal Bins with a Mini Front Loader

Some other rock product companies offer gravel delivery via metal bins. This frequently includes a mini front loader (e.g., Bobcat) that helps you disperse the gravel. As the mini front loader picks up each bin and moves it to the desired dumping location, there is a handle or switch on the bin that opens the bottom and releases the gravel. Some consumers really like this feature because the mini front loader can back up while the stone is being released, creating a path of gravel in front of it as it moves backward. All you would have to do is even it out and make the path wider or narrower as needed.

Choose Your Delivery Method and Your Rock Seller

Not all of the above options are available for all rock sellers. You will need to choose a stone delivery method and a rock seller that fits your needs. Then you can schedule your delivery.


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finishing concrete to look like aged stone

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