finishing concrete to look like aged stone

finishing concrete to look like aged stone

Three Ways Your Concrete Driveway Can Be Busted Up And Removed

by Patrick Taylor

So, you are looking to hire concrete contractors to remove your eyesore of a crumbled driveway. That is a major project, but it could be worse. (You could be removing your entire roof!) As you shop around for a concrete contractor to remove the driveway mess, you should know that whichever contractor you finally hire, he or she will probably remove the concrete in one of the following three ways.

Jackhammer It to Bits, Then Manually Pick It Up

Depending on the length and width of your driveway, the contractor may decide to just jackhammer the driveway into smaller concrete bits. Then the bits are picked up manually by the crew and chucked into a rented dumpster. This is often the approach if your driveway is short or short and wide. It may also be the chosen approach if you live on a narrow or one-way street where it is not a good idea to have several construction vehicles parked everywhere.

Pneumatic Rammer and Front Loader

Besides using a jackhammer or jackhammer extension on a larger vehicle, there is also a rammer attachment. The rammer drops several tons of force down on top of the concrete to help it break up. If you have some patches on your driveway that are not busted up but need to be to remove all of the concrete, then the rammer is the tool of choice. After everything is busted up, the contractor sends a front loader truck through to scoop up piles of busted concrete. The front loader then lifts what it scoops up into the bed of a waiting dump truck. Of course, your property has to have enough room to fit all of these construction vehicles in order for this to work.

Backhoe and Crane

A backhoe can work on picking up all of the busted bits of concrete in your drive, while the crane stands by until the crew can pull up larger slabs that are still in one piece. A tension claw is attached to the crane, and then the claw grabs the larger chunks of concrete and the complete slabs to lift them up and out of position. Another dump truck or a very larger dumpster is needed to dispose of the concrete. This method may be the one chosen to manage really long concrete driveways since the backhoe can be working on the really badly-damaged sections while the crane works on the rest. 

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finishing concrete to look like aged stone

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