finishing concrete to look like aged stone

finishing concrete to look like aged stone

Four Ways Concrete Contractors Can Go Green

by Patrick Taylor

No one knows for sure exactly when the phrase "going green" came about. Nobody's even sure who to give credit to for coining the phrase. What we do know is that the act of going green isn't going away anytime soon. As there is more and more concern about the environment, many concrete contractors are trying to figure out ways they can incorporate earth-friendly practices into their business. Here are four ways concrete contractors can go green:

1. Use Recycled Materials

Not only can recycled materials such as glass and porcelain be used in decorative concrete to make countertops and floors, concrete itself can also be recycled. Some concrete contractors not only try to use recycled materials and recycle the materials they use, they also look for other types of materials that can be reused. One such material is wood. For example, wooden handrails and block-outs that are used on one job can be reused on the next.

2. Use Pervious Concrete Pavement

Pervious concrete pavement has traditionally been used to pave parking lots, but many concrete contractors are also using it for streets and sidewalks. One of the greatest benefits this special type of concrete pavement offers the environment is its ability to capture stormwater, which then helps to reduce runoff and recharge groundwater. Other green benefits of using pervious concrete pavement include:

  • Prevent erosion
  • Control flooding
  • Reduce pollution

Concrete contractors can also offer this type of concrete pavement to homeowners for their driveways, patios, pools, and walkways.

3. Use Insulated Concrete for Building Projects

Concrete contractors can incorporate insulation into their building projects by using the following:

  • Insulating concrete forms (ICFs) 
  • Insulated cast-in-place concrete
  • Insulated tilt-up and precast structures

By making buildings with insulated concrete, less energy will be required to keep the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When less energy is used, it can help to reduce the number of chemicals that get released into the air when air conditioners are used.

4. Offer Polished Concrete Floors

If you are a concrete contractor and want to do your part to help the environment, one service you can provide is making polished concrete floors. These types of floors work well for both commercial buildings and residential homes. Polished concrete floors are known for their ability to absorb heat, which translates to lower energy costs. Because they are so reflective, they can also reduce the amount of light needed. Another benefit polished concrete floors provide is that less raw materials are needed to make them.

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finishing concrete to look like aged stone

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