finishing concrete to look like aged stone

finishing concrete to look like aged stone

3 Perfect Finish Fixes For Those Pitiful Pavements And Concrete Surfaces That Have Seen Better Days

by Patrick Taylor

Over years of wear, pavements may start to look pitiful. Sometimes, worn concrete may look more like loose gravel than pavement. Cracks in materials cause them to become out of level and may even be a hazard around your home. Today, there are many options to give old pavements new life, such as layover finishes, acid staining, stamped concrete and epoxy coatings. Here are some of the best fixes for pitiful pavements that are in serious need of restoration:

1. Overlay Concrete for Repairs and Restoration of Concrete

Your pitiful pavement problem may be too big for a new finish alone. Cracks and degrading concrete require repairs that are noticeable with some finishing techniques. Concrete overlay finish will take care of the problems of damaged concrete and a new custom finish. The process is involved and hand applied to ensure a perfect finish that looks like attractive custom stone pavers or other materials. One of the benefits of an overlay finish is that problems like settling and uneven pavement can be hidden when the new surface is applied.

2. Pitiful Patio Makeover with Custom Finishes Using Stamped Concrete

Pavement of patios is often plain concrete with a dull, or sometime even rough finish. To give your outdoor space a little more attractive surface, acid staining or custom stamp concrete finishes can be applied. Stamped concrete is a good solution if you want the patio to match other pavements in landscaping, such as paths, driveways and paved gate entrances. Stamped concrete is an ideal solution if you have a lot of pavement that needs restoration, or if you are planning on adding paved features to the landscaping around your home.

3. Give Interior Concrete Floors New Life with Acid Staining or Epoxy Finishes

There are also solutions that can be used for dull concrete inside your home, as well as for outdoor patio finishes. If you want more of a custom flooring look for a patio, acid staining can be used to create the look of smooth finished stone or tile. With acid staining, you will also be able to add custom designs and personalized patterns to outdoor concrete pavements.

These are some of the best fixes for pavements that are in dismay and need to be replaced or restored. You will want to contact a concrete contractor such as Pumptex Concrete Pumping to help give your pitiful pavements a makeover with a custom finish. 


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finishing concrete to look like aged stone

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