finishing concrete to look like aged stone

finishing concrete to look like aged stone

Building a Solid Base for Your New Home

by Patrick Taylor

Buying a piece of property and planning to put a new home on it is exciting. The preparation that needs to go into the process can take some time and may be a little overwhelming, but take your time and work through it slowly. Hiring a general contractor to organize the job can be very helpful. They can organize all the other required contractors for you, or you can hire concrete contractors, electricians, and all the other contractors, one at a time. The choice is yours to make.

Installing a Foundation

If your property has been cleared and prepped already, hiring a concrete contractor to pour the pad or build the foundation to support your home is one of the first steps. If you have not yet prepared the site for the foundation, the contractor may be able to do it for you. Concrete contractors like Unit Step Company that specialize in foundation work will most likely have the skills and equipment to prepare the site but smaller companies may need additional resources or equipment brought in. Talk with the contractor about this before you hire one so you know what to plan for and if there will be other contractors needed.

Adding a Garage Foundation and Driveway

If your home is already in place, but you really want a garage on the property, you can hire a concrete contractor to come in and pour a floor and foundation to build it on. They can add a driveway made from concrete as well if you choose. Concrete is a good choice for the garage floor because it can be sealed or painted to repel oil, grease, and gasoline, and it can be very smooth, making it easier to roll jacks, dollies, and tool carts around on. A concrete driveway also means you can walk from the car to your new home without tracking in dirt and mud.

Sidewalks and Patios

While you have the concrete contractor on the site, why not have them install some walkways to your home, and maybe a nice patio out back to barbecue on or spend time outside with the family? You could even have the concrete contractor add some hardscaping to the property if they do that kind of work. You may also want to consider that when you are ordering concrete, the price is often lower if you order in bulk so doing all the work at once might even save you some money. Once you have all the concrete work done, the home and garage in place, and the patio ready, all that will be left is to invite your friends and family over to enjoy all the work you put into the property.


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finishing concrete to look like aged stone

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