finishing concrete to look like aged stone

finishing concrete to look like aged stone

Tearing Down Interior Walls: Three Tips

by Patrick Taylor

Being able to demolish one or more of the interior walls inside your home can help you start a renovation project in your home. If this is the first time you're attempting this kind of work, however, you'll need to take time and use these three following tips so you can make certain your house will survive the demolition and that you can avoid trouble.

Order an Engineering Study

While there are stud-finders and other tools you can utilize to check and make sure you're not going to cause the entire house to collapse by destroying the wrong wall, it is vital that you are absolutely certain that your house is stable enough to survive the demolition work you're hoping to do. For that reason, an engineering study is something that you'll need to have on hand. The engineer will examine your house and be able to tell you what is safe to do and what you should not do. They will be able to advise which walls should stay in place so you can keep the house standing.

Turn Off Utilities

To stay safe, it's very important that you remember to have the utilities in the part of the house you're working with turned off. If you aren't sure whether there are electrical wires running behind the wall you want to tear down, get in touch with a representative from the utility company so that they can send someone out and investigate.

Plan for Waste

You'll end up with a lot of drywall that needs to go somewhere; don't wait until the job is over before you figure out what you'll do with it. You may be able to bring a dumpster onto the property and dispose of a little drywall day by day, or you may instead contact local recycling centers so you know what may be able to be taken to their facilities for recycling. Of course, plan for the waste you're making indoors as well; put down tarps and other coverings so that you are sure that you won't damage your furniture or flooring with the work you're doing.

All of these tasks are vital to a successful demolition inside the house. Tearing down walls to continue with your house project is done without trouble when you use the above tips. You may consult a demolition contractor in your city who can ensure you're proceeding correctly.


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finishing concrete to look like aged stone

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