finishing concrete to look like aged stone

finishing concrete to look like aged stone

Ways To Change The Look And Feel Of Concrete

by Patrick Taylor

Once you have chosen concrete as your material for a driveway or other building project, this is only the first step. There are many different options for styling concrete, in addition to just having the concrete surface left as is. Here are some additional styling services to consider.

Do You Want the Concrete to Be a Different Color?

Concrete doesn't have to be the traditional gray that you might expect. It is possible for your concrete contractor to add a dye to the concrete mix so that your installation appears in a different color.

Do You Want to Give the Surface a Textured Appearance?

Another possibility is to install the concrete and then apply an acid stain to the surface. This will give a faint pattern to the concrete, while keeping the surface flatness in tact. Staining produces an abstract pattern on the surface that gives visual variety.

Have You Considered Stamping or Stenciling?

Another class of customization options comes from what you do to the surface of the concrete as it dries. For example, stamping the concrete is one possible way to give it a more textured surface pattern. Stenciling allows you to draw a faint pattern on the surface of the concrete. Either way, these options are a method for mimicking other types of building materials while still getting the benefits of concrete.

Do You Want to Change the Top Layer?

There are many ways to change the top layer of concrete as well. One is to work with an epoxy coating that changes the color and adds a glossy layer. One great thing about epoxy is that it is an affordable way to add an alternating pattern with different colors and shapes to your concrete. Overlay techniques are also popular. This service lets you build a facade out of multiple types of building materials and secure it to the surface of the concrete. You could also simply use exposed aggregate as a surface, with different sizes and shapes of rocks shining through as a style feature.

These are only some of the most popular options for your local concrete contractors to install for decorating concrete. They serve to illustrate that you can do almost anything with a concrete surface. That's one reason that it's such a popular building material. Ask a company like High Definition Concrete about other options that would apply to your vision of your finished concrete surface.


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finishing concrete to look like aged stone

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